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Mil a blessing !

A mother gives you a life, a mother-in-law gives you her life.

People differ and thoughts too.

For me there are only two possibilities, one is my mother gave me a life , and my mother in law gave her life to me and its me who got to take care of her .
The other way , she has given me her son who is her life and I got to take care of him better than her to keep her life happy .

Life is simple if you know to deal people  !

Love people who need you ! Life is just once and you got to make it peaceful .

Your life is in your hands ! Hold it tight ..

I named it baby vada !

Paruppu vada is a South Indian snack . I have tried making paruppu vada only once when I was in India . So this morning thought of making some for my husband so that he can munch it while watching tv in the evening  . I dint tell him that I have made it . Once he comes from office I  would say there is a surprise ! The first thing he will do would be opening the fridge, because normally I make so many sweets for him :) 
This is how you make .. Ingredients to be soaked  -One glass of Bengal gram  -Half glass of Red lentils  -6 dried red chillies  -4 green chillies  -Little curry leaves for taste 
Soak all the above overnight in the same vessel . 
Next day , put it in the mixi jar and grind it to a paste . Before that add required salt and a pinch of Asafoetida. 
Keep some oil to heat , and then make small balls with the paste and fry it in the oil . 
You can eat this vada with chili/ tomato ketchup. I guess everybody would have the ketchup your fridge . Or else it goes well with onion…


So today evening I played  basketball . If my memories are correct I played with my school friends long time ago ! Probably during PT period. While few were playing shuttle I spent some time with the basketball . Though I don't know much about it , I knew to grow taller it helps a lot . Not sure whether I will grow tall at the age of 27 :) !! ! Probably I should let my kids play so that at least they grow taller !
I have read that the tallest in the NBA history was Margo dydek who was 7 ft  2 inc and currently it's Sim Bhullar who is 7 ft 5 inc . The shortest ever to play was Muggsy_Bogues who was 5 ft 3 inc .

I am exactly 5 ft , shorter in the history ever isn't it ?  ...Lol :)))Not bad ??


There is something about losing your mother that is permanent and inexpressible ,
A wound  that will never quite heal.
You are evidence of your mother's strength,
Especially if you are a rebellious knucklehead and regardless she has always maintained her sanity.
Behind all your stories is always your mother's story.
Because hers is where yours begin !!!

Cartoons !

I don't waste my time watching tv . I watch tv probably in the evening while having a cup of coffee . Some days it's really boring that I switch on the tv early in the morning . I watch few handpicked songs and few programs on travel.
Today ,the whole day I saw Disney channel and I loved watching it . I saw few series like Jessie , dog with a blog , miraculous, violetta and few cartoons. Dog with a blog ! Interesting name isn't it ? Was funny . In between I tried watching animal planet but then couldn't . I really wanted to see Disney !
The small little cute girl in me is wandering today !!! Loving it ! Wish I was a baby who used to bite strawberries with a single teeth and watch cartoons !

Do you love watching cartoons and remember your childhood days ! Wish we all went back to the good old days at our home . Isn't it ???

Kia loves Sia

Kia and Sia  were two sisters who lived in a small village in a brick house . Kia was 7 years elder than Sia .She loved Sia so much from her younger days  . She remembers going to the hospital when Sia was born . Sia was looking very cute with little hair and a mole in her nose . Kia used to take care of her when their mummy does work at home .
One fine day their mum and dad passed away and Sia and Kia was left alone . Kia tried to leave her sister in their relatives house and go for studies . She did that and one day she noticed Sia picking cigarettes and cleaning their house . Kia couldn't resist and took Sia away from there and she moved her to an other uncles house . There too Sia went through so many problems and moved back to  another place . All these time Kia was with Sia . Kia did few small jobs for money and studied as well . Kia dint have money even to eat but whatever she had she used it for Sia and her happiness .
Sia was in her uncles house doing her high school . K…

Go away !

There is a  single housefly
It tortures me ,
It disturbs me ,
While sleeping,
When I play chain reaction ,
When I play subway surf ,
While watching tv ,
While having coffee
It  keeps singing  !
And I feel to kill it.
I feel to cut its tongue
So that it doesn't sing la la ..
One day ,remember
I will kill you .
And you can never
Get into my house

Before I kill you
Run away !

To you !

                    Roses are red 
My blog is red 
                   To all my followers 
I love you ! 

1:43 am

Though the mirror tells me that I look ugly at times !
I always have someone who tells me I am beautiful :)

Remember !

I still remember the days I prayed for the things I have now in my life
There have been days when I dint have a pair of good shoes ,
A set of good dresses,
A plate full off rice ,
A purse with few coins ,
And what not !
But today ,
I have a life abroad ,
I have a little money,
I go and buy rice ,
I have 8 pair of shoes
And many good dresses.
I have four wallets
I have a blessed life
And I am happy with it
The only good I can do with all these is helping others who don't have these !
I guess one day they will also have what I have today !

If I can't even do this then what is the use and meaning of all the hardships I went through!

Never forget your past ! The day you forget your past you are no more alive !


Lipsticks I love them . I don't use much of cosmetics, I love being with a clear face but yes lipsticks I use them when I am out .
I see many of my friends wearing the red lipstick and I don't know why I have never felt to wear a red one . Like the pink I hate red as well . I don't have anything in red and pink .
I love brown and orange shades . When I was in college it was normal but these days people ask me every girl loves red and pink why don't you ? It's just that I don't !

Most of them tell me you are the only girl we have met who doesn't like red and pink ! I feel like don't paint me red please !! Who else doesn't like pink and red ? Post in your views !

Peace be with you !

Thought of writing something about me ! How I changed myself ! I am a short tempered girl . I started living alone from the age of 14 . You got to ask my friends how many oranges have become juices , how many mobiles I have broken , how many times I have cried and how many days I have starved . I lost my parents when I was very young . I was left alone with a 10 year old brother and 4 year old sister . So you know how I would have been !
The extra care and fear of loosing people in life ! I always made sure that whether I have or not I get everything done for my dear ones .
I only had friends with me , only friends .They have loved me even when I was not lovable .
People wanted me only for money ! I still paid so much though I dint have even for my room rent and food .

But today , I am married to the man of patience , my brother has a job abroad and my sister is still studying .

The one thing I changed is myself ! I realized that people love seeing me angry and talking about me . I s…

Red pepper

Season everything with love ! 

Kitchen is always the heart of a home . Keep the kitchen clean with full of love ! 

So this is something I prepared  this afternoon. My own recipe . A red pepper rice with some curd salad on a Saturday afternoon . 

Post in your views .

Pink flower

Little flower cold and wet,
No flower wants to be at home .
When it is raining outside !
The flower doesn't dream of the bee,
It blossoms and the bee comes .
Your mind is a garden and
Your thoughts are the seeds!

Second blog !

Hello Everybody,

Hope you all are doing great ! I have an other blog of  mine which is deficated only for travel, culture, food , &fashion . Do support this blog as well as you do .

Blog :



It's been a while since I wrote here . I was on vacation to one of the beautiful place 'Georgia'. So my vacation started with an orange trolley full of jeans , shoes , socks shirts and a sweater , few moisturizers as well because it's cold over there . Once we boarded the flight from Dubai we had the feeling of traveling in a local bus back in India . Most of them were tourists . The flight took off with claps and whistles . We had few open the bottles and few playing cards . We landed at Tbilisi and it was freaking cold . It was late night so we directly went to the citrus hotel and slept off . Next day morning we had the bus at 10 , the guide Tornike was so cute with blue eyes and we had an old driver as well . When I asked Tornike are you not feeling cold he said 'sometimes ' I am a Georgian . We had breakfast and moved to the old Tbilisi and meydan. We got to see a beautiful church over there and few guys were singing with their guitars . Had some lovely t…