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The boy who wanted to be a Fish:-)


Every kid is special and having a kid is a blessing.This morning when i opened facebook  before brushing this is the first post that i saw on my wall and it made my day.Eventough I am not a parent yet, for a minute I thought how sweet it would be if kids had such dreams and ambitions in life ...sleeping like a fish at night ...

Thinking what would my son ask for ?

For all those who want to see the add here is the link

Khushmeet’s First Beach Holiday


Kapali your great !

Hi everybody ..hope you all are doing well.I am back from my vacation to India and the best thing that happened is Kapaleeshwarar temple.I have worked in Chennai for 6 years but then i couldn't visit this particular temple of lord Shiva .I have so many friends who told me  that its one of the ancient temple and its wonderful shopping there ...This time i decided to visit the was a long journey wherein i had to start at 3 pm and came back home by 11 pm .I had to catch two buses but at the end of day i was happy with a great smile on face ..Should accept that the Jhumkis and flowers on the roadside made me crazy ..loved shopping ..and loved clicking !!
For those who are not aware of the temple you can go through the below so that when you visit India  you can make a beautiful day by visiting kapali temple ..and don't forget ur camera:)

Kapaleeshwarar Temple is a temple of Shiva located in Mylapore, Chennai in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The form of Shiva's wi…