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Only Texting ..Why so ??

What is a person conveying to you if they “never” have time to talk, but have time to text? I’m busy writing my novel and dealing with life outside of writing. But, if I want to talk to x, y, or z, I will find time to make a phone call. If I don’t get an answer, I may leave a VM or call back another time. After I call the second time and I don’t get an answer, I’m not calling back lol !!!

Text messaging is often a way to communicate with someone while avoiding making a commitment to really get to know him or her. The person maybe curious or may have a liking to you, but that interest is on the low calorie end or possibly still developing. I believe people who are shy or nervous talking to you will go with the text option first instead of calling. But, if we are adults, and matures ones at that, we would go about matters via verbal communication.

I think some people avoid talking on the phone because they may end up really "liking you"

It’s hard to get to know someone via t…